Book Review

4/12/22 – Review by Mary McFarland

Indestructible – Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in the Media Crisis

By Molly McPherson

Published by Mandala Tree Press, 2021

While many of us were deciding what color trainers to wear during the pandemic, McPherson summarized her considerable public relations experience into a factual, accessible crisis communication’s guide regarding the ‘cancel culture’ that we find ourselves in.

Indestructible is a must-read for business owners and communicators to understand how reputations are destroyed or restored in an instant. McPherson outlines the current social media toolbox available to businesses and organizations and all who have a network to keep engaged.

The author has an enviable resume as current host of podcast, “Confident Communication” and serving in FEMA’s Office of External Affairs during post-Hurricane Katrina efforts. McPherson also served a Director of Communications for the Cruise Line International Association in Arlington, Virginia. Currently, she is a recognized expert on crisis communications public relations management through social media.

The ten chapters of Indestructible provide a bulletproof process for meeting public backlash both online and off by taking the fear out of social media and turning digital misfits into digital naturals.

The book breaks down the important values that make any business better poised to weather a communications crisis. Treating your audience with the respect they deserve includes manifesting your character and that of your business through your social media.

McPherson’s book defines the pillars that make your business reputation indestructible:

  • Honesty-leading with honesty means leading with the customer in mind
  • Humility-no matter what your response is to an accusation of wrongdoing, if the public perceives it as arrogant there will be repercussions
  • Genuineness-letting the public in on your personal history to support your optics and your authenticity
  • Transparency-as soon as the public gets wind of a cover-up there will always be a backlash, there is a reason that honesty is the first and golden rule
  • Responsiveness-be timely with a crisis response but thoughtful, not impulsive
  • Relevance-as the public face of your organization you need to ensure that your response to negative events reaches the right audience
  • Accountability-requires the business face the situation, refuses to pass blame or provide excuses or denial

McPherson reminds us that if you fail to tell your story, someone will always tell it for you. Indestructible provides key steps to learn how to tell your own “own” story in your own voice.

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Molly Baker McPherson served as 1993 Miss Shamrock for the St Paul St Patrick’s Day Parade.