About Bloomsday

Bloomsday is named after the central character in James Joyce’s book Ulysses, Leopold Bloom. The story follows Bloom as he goes to appointments, enjoys meals, conversations and wanderings around the city of Dublin on Thursday 16 June 1904. It is celebrated both in Dublin, around the world and in St Paul, Minnesota!

When James Joyce published his story of a day in the life of Leopold Bloom in 1922, it was considered scandalous. It was declared obscene in the United States until 1933.

The novel has been called all-inclusive, because it explores every human feeling or activity imaginable. The short list includes sex, politics, parenting, death, religion, sado-masochism and xenophobia.

Have not read James Joyce’s Ulysses?

Here is a quick plot summary if you do not have the time to read the entire book.

Ulysses annotated – mouse over annotated text to learn more regarding context and meanings. Click on Notes to highlight the links.

Download a copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Read along with this Irish radio broadcast.

Collection of online resources.

Come dressed in your best 1904 style!

The year 1904 falls right in the middle of what is considered the Edwardian Era.  Named after King Edward VII from 1901-1910. Edwardian fashion actually covers from the late 1890’s up to the start of WWI. 

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